I am Who I am.
If you like me, then

Welcome You


Iam an unique individual who stands 100% for what I believe in. Being always humble and true to myself have always served me well. I am Who I am, and proud to say everything What I have done I don’t regret. It’s more that I treasure it for life. It is a most important key to who I am today. Look at me on right side, How can you not like me?

Portfolio that transcends my creativity

Live in Japan, Osaka soul, Brookyn style

Found in 2007, 2010 today still in progress

Because I love what I do. Through any format, I speak my mind, Professionally I dominate on Information Design. It’s all about Love and Passion.

Interaction between people influences me for my design. Practice with applications, languages, and scripts extends my mediums of expressions.